Client: iclesia.com
Concept, Storyboard, 3D Model, 2D character, Animation, Compositing, Post Production, Sound Digital Popcorn
3D Software: blender.org
Sound Fx: freesfx.co.uk
Music: by Sweet Wave Audio, sweetwaveaudio.co.uk


Info Project: 
This project is realized with Blender, After Effect and GarageBand.
I used Blender for creating ambient, texture with UV Map and simple animation camera and car.
Lighting is a one light area with Ray shadow, world with Ambient Occlusion and Environment Light.
Cloud, tree, ecc, is a simply plane with alpha channel.
For the rigging character, compositing and postproduction i used After Effect.
For the sound, garageband with free sound fx and the music background is composed from Sweet Wave Audio.