New project, little animation in CG for vfx, environment and animal.

Model 3d with Blender and element photogrammetry, render with Cycles, compositing and post with node compositing and after effect, sound with garageband.

Hard Surface

New character study mecha humandroid, Hard Surface Modelling with Blender, rendering with Cycles render, node compositing for post and color.

Character model 3d with Blender, modelling hard surface with the help addon Fast-Carve, bust body, dyntopo sculpting, lighting i used 4 plane with shader emitter others color, for shader i used node editor cycles and texture image, bump ... rendering with alpha channel and color management  FIlmic, compositing node for color, noise, environment and post.


Client: Collection work
Concept, 3D Model, 2D character, Digital Popcorn
3D Software:



Concept, Storyboard, 3D Model, 2D character, Animation, Compositing, Post Production, Sound Digital Popcorn
3D Software:
Sound Fx:
Music: by Sweet Wave Audio,


Info Project: 
This project is realized with Blender, After Effect and GarageBand.
I used Blender for creating ambient, texture with UV Map and simple animation camera and car.
Lighting is a one light area with Ray shadow, world with Ambient Occlusion and Environment Light.
Cloud, tree, ecc, is a simply plane with alpha channel.
For the rigging character, compositing and postproduction i used After Effect.
For the sound, garageband with free sound fx and the music background is composed from Sweet Wave Audio.



Model, Animation e Sound Design
Digital Popcorn

3D Software:
Sound Fx:


Info Progetto:
Moderazione 3D, shader, texture, lighting e animazione tramite Blender, 2D Fx e motion graphic tramite After Effect, sound design ed effetti editati con GarageBand.


Client: Automotive for Pallino
Shader, Lighting, Rendering, Post, Animazione, Screensaver,  Digital Popcorn

Info Project: 
Realizzazione Rendering per web, animazioni e car configurator, immagini relative a vari modelli e marche. 


Concept, Storyboard, Character, 3D Model, Animation, Compositing, Post Production Digital Popcorn

3D Software:

Music: by Simone Celi, aka Silek
Free Download Full Album

Info Progetto:
Il progettoè stato realizzato tramite Gimp, Blender e After Effect.
Blender per la modellazione del character, il texturing tramite UV Map e Texture Paint, per il rigging Rigify, per quanto riguarda l'animazione è realizzata nel modo classico e tramite file .bvh di motion capture. L’ illuminazione, principalmente è resa tramite una luce sole, alcune luce area, ambient occlusion e environment light con hdri.

Gli ambienti sono realizzati in un mix di 3D e camera mapping attraverso l'addon blam e immagini 2d compositate con effetto parallasse.
Motore di Rendering, Blender Internal.
Compositing e postproduzione tramite Blender e After Effect.


Client: Pallino
3D Modeling, Character Setup, Animation. Digital Popcorn
Music: Claudio Banzato

Illustrators Timelapse Drawing:
Alessandro Barison, Digital Popcorn
Valentino Fanton,


Client: Pallino for Airwell
Modelling, Lighting, shader, rendering, animation, post. Digital Popcorn

Info Progetto
Realizzazione 3D modello abitativo per video fieristico per spiegare il nuovo sistema residenziale per riscaldare e raffreddare.

Random Frame Video


Client: Personal Project "LAST"
Concept, Animation, Compositing, Post Production Digital Popcorn

3D Software: 
Music: and Garageband

Info Project:   
"Anatomy of 3 seconds
This is a first of a series animation of 3-5 seconds created with Blender.
Small generic tests :)
This project is realized with Gimp, Blender and After Effect.
I used Blender for importing a free character, modify the rig with simple bones, animation character and camera, compositing and render.
Camera animation whit f-curve and noise effect...
Lighting is a 2 light area + 1 light point , world with Ambient Occlusion.
Rendering with Blender Internal.

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Client: Pallino for Xeraplain
Modellazione, lighting, shader e rendering. Digital Popcorn